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Steam Jacketed kettle (With Tilting Arrangement)

Steam Jacketed kettle Capacities : 20Kg batch
Dimensions : Diameter 1560mm
Height :

Additional Applications:
* Kaju Processing for Kaju Katari / Roll
* Ghee Processing
* Badam Katri Manufacturing
* Soan Papdi Manufacturing
* Khoa Processing etc.

1. Steam jacketed vessel having all contact parts of ss-304 (8% Nickel) Salem steel
2. Our Machine shall Incorporate Fitting like ARV, SRV, Product outlet valve, strainer, steantrap, pressure gauge etc.
3. High quality ceramic insulation with ss cover.
4. The machine is fitted with geared motor, PTFE lined stirrer,
5. Specail tilting arrangement provided for removing processed material.
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